Riff Racer – the first game to integrate Apple Music!

FOAM Entertainment today announce that their innovative new music game Riff Racer, the first game ever to support Apple Music is zooming onto the AppStore worldwide for only $2.99 / £2.49.

Using FOAM’s innovative MEGA Engine, Riff Racer takes any song, analyses it, and creates an exciting, stunt filled racing experience. As well as being powered by curated playlists on Apple Music, it works with any song in the iTunes library, or players can race one of 25 free bundled tracks.

Riff Racer combines the fun of keeping on beat with the thrills of a challenging arcade racer. Your opponent? The song itself.

Tracks and vehicles are styled to the music you’re playing. Whether you’re into Rock, Hip-Hop or Pop, music fans of all genres are in for an action-packed thrill ride.

After a highly rated Steam launch earlier this year, mobile gamers can now get their fingers on this unique app that lets you drift and race your way across your favourite songs.

“As a small independent developer, FOAM’s mission is to explore innovation around new platforms and API’s’ Explains Steve Milbourne, Co-founder of FOAM ‘ We’re delighted to launch Riff Racer on iOS and also be the first game to integrate the Apple Music service.”