Riskers is available on STEAM

Riskers is available on STEAM™ offers an action-packed, top-down open-world shooter featuring protagonist Rick on the run from the mob. Having discovered a briefcase full of cash, Rick decides to keeps the dough, only to realize that what he discovered was mobster money from a deal gone bad… Things turn from bad to worse when Rick’s brother becomes a casualty. He must now make things right, even if it means breaking the law once again.

Riskers pays homage to two of the best top-down shooters in recent history: the original Grand Theft Auto (1997) and Hotline Miami (2012), and challenges you to play the role of ex-con Rick; experience life on the edge as the target of the mob and fight for your life as you race, shoot and even toss chairs at the bad buys. With mobsters breathing down your neck you can steal cars to stay one step ahead in high-speed pursuits. Choose from an arsenal of weapons including shotguns, pistols, automatic rifles, and sniper rifles. With the freedom to progress straight through the main story or complete a variety of side missions, you can experience a life of crime in any way you see fit…

Do you have what it takes to survive?


  • Interactive open world, complete with a day and night cycle
  • Richly-detailed interior levels
  • Top-down action, driving, and shooting
  • Eight different weapons of choice, or resort to chair-tossing
  • Main story & selection of side missions to accomplish
  • Compelling comic book-style cutscenes
  • In-game collectibles