Magic Potion Destroyer released on Playism and Steam

PLAYISM announced that Magic Potion Destroyer, the sequel to ARTIFACTS’ Magic Potion Explorer, has just released on Playism and Steam.

Magic Potion Destroyer

Magic Potion Destroyer follows the story of Claudia, who has found herself trapped in a witch’s basement. Set after the events of Magic Potion Explorer, Claudia is now faced with a situation where she has to remember the magic she had once learnt.

This is a strategic escape game which uses features such as “Mana Reinforcement” and “Magic Potions” to power Claudia up as she makes her way through the 30 stages of the witch’s mansion to escape to freedom.
There are five possible endings to the game, each of which requires specific conditions to be filled.

After being locked in a witch’s mansion for three years, she’s finally ready to make her escape ― by force.
Now she must return to her village and save her brother.

Her name is Claudia.
In order to save her brother from a deadly poison, she is left with no choice but to succumb to the teachings of the most powerful witch of all.


  • 30 intense stages to power up and battle through.
  • A variety of skills and potions to remember and learn.
  • Five multiple endings.
  • Heart-pumping tracks to keep you battling.