‘Run & Gun: Banditos’ On iOS, Android & Windows

Mobile game developer and publisher Ludus Studio is proud to announce the official release of Run & Gun: Banditos, an explosive Wild West inspired F2P runner on iOS®, Android™ and Windows® with in-app purchases daring you to reclaim your stolen loot.

Run & Gun: Banditos is an action packed and fast-paced runner suitable to gunslingers of all ages and experience levels. Your precious loot has been stolen and your task is to get it back. Shoot the bad guys to reclaim what is yours, and unlock powerful skills as you progress. Collect gold, avoid obstacles and blast your way through a vast number of enemies to survive. Unlock your full potential to success, and avoid ending up with a bullet in your back!  Do you have what it takes to survive the run?


  • Choose among various playable banditos, each having unique skills and abilities.
  • Collect treasure to upgrade your banditos and unlock new boosts.
  • Earn numerous achievements to show off your skills.
  • Play in a colorful and vivid world.

Tryout Run & Gun: Banditos Today: