Rune Rebirth – a single player old school style RPG (Video)

Rune Rebirth is an old school style fantasy RPG with unique real-time combat system. There are hundreds skills in game and six skills can choose freely to use in combat. Combat system is real-time, to use skill, “Sigil” symbols must be inputted in order, just like a QTE system.

There is no race or class limitation in game. The usage of runes is totally flexible. Player must choose appropriate runes when faces different stages and enemies. Runes can be obtained via NPC shop, enemy drop, and adventure events. Besides, runes can also be enhanced or imbued with element crystal. There are hundreds rune in game, it will be a challenge to think most efficient tactics and choose unique combat style.

Mission, arena, and bar system are good place to earn more gold or get some information in addition to main stages. Map merchant provides various bonus stages. Danger or treasures in those uncharted? Depends on your luck!

Unique Quick Time Event combat strategy RPG. Collect runes, choose tactics, explore the unknown, and defeat powerful enemy.
◆ Exciting and fast paced real-time combat.
◆ Different combat style for each monsters. Adapt your strategy to survive!
◆ Visit uncharted regions, explore the unknown and encounter the unexpected.
◆ Complete missions and earn rewards.
◆ Find fortune and honor in the Arena.
◆ Support English, Russian, Chinese languages.