Overcome adversaries and explore the underbelly of a dynamic, yet perilous new fantasy world! SEGA® today announced that Puzzle & Glory™, a mobile match-3 RPG created by Demiurge™, is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android. In the game, players set out on heroic adventures through dynamic dungeons and domains to save their homeland of Aetria from the Blight and devious enemies.

“Puzzle & Glory evolves the classic match-3 collectible card game, exhibiting a deeper level of exploration, adventure, and strategic gameplay,” said Albert Reed, General Manager at Demiurge Studios and VP of Product Management at SEGA. “This multiplayer hack ‘n slash dungeon crawl represents the next generation of what a match-3 RPG should be, and beyond that it’s incredibly fun to play.”

Developed by Demiurge, the development studio behind Marvel ® Puzzle Quest™ and Shoot Many Robots™, Puzzle & Glory invites players to master the art of immersive match-3 combat to defeat fearsome enemies. Players must strategically assemble teams of earned heroes to maximize synergy and wage battle for great rewards. Through both PVP and guild-based gameplay, they will be challenged to create their own destiny as they explore multiple paths to victory.

Puzzle & Glory features the following:

An Elaborate Match-3 Experience
•Use match-3 combat to attack enemies and bosses
•Activate Hero Skills with offensive or defensive abilities
•Face enemies that use match-3 tactics against you
Legendary RPG Team Assembly
•Collect Dragons, Knights, Hunters, Elves, and epic fantasy heroes
•Assign roles to your heroes: Tank, Firepower, and Support
•Clash in Raid Battles, PVP, and Event leaderboards
Dynamic Fantasy World
•Quest through daily and weekly dungeons to uncover a heroic saga filled with deadly enemies, treacherous boss battles, and epic treasure
•Choose your own quests and lands of Aetria to explore – no two adventures play out the same way
•Journey alone or quest with guildmates across multiple adventures

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