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SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball on Nintendo Switch

XSEED Games announced that SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball, the latest entry in the genre-spanning SENRAN KAGURA franchise,  is available for play on Nintendo Switch.

After the series has dominated the brawler, rhythm cooking, and third-person splasher genres, SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball brings the deadly shinobi-in-training to a new genre: pinball. Players will help reverse the effects of Haruka’s “experiments,” which have caused some of the girls to believe they are adorable animals. The only way to do this is to use the mystical Peach Ball, which fits perfectly inside of a pinball machine.

During missions, players flip, bump, spin, or tilt the Peach Ball to bring it into contact with the shinobi girls, thereby turning them back into their normal selves. With multiple playable boards, customization options, special minigames, and a comedic story mode, SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball is set to go full tilt when fans get their hands on it. Fan favorite additions, including the Dressing Room and Diorama Mode, are also featured in this latest installment for the series.

About SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball
So…this is going to take some explaining. Haruka, the mad scientist of Homura’s Crimson Squad, is up to her usual experiments again, brewing up mysterious concoctions with unknown effects. Unfortunately for her fellow shinobi, she’s chosen the local arcade she works at as her laboratory, storing her experiments in the bathroom. After an accidental outbreak infects five of her shinobi friends, she learns that her latest concoction can transform those exposed to it into animals, at least mentally.

Now, with Asuka, Yumi, Yomi, Ryona, and Murasaki causing wild havoc in and around the arcade, Haruka has devised a way to return these shinobi to their senses: the mystical Peach Ball. Applied to a subject’s body repeatedly, with the proper vibrational force, it can undo the effects of her experiment. Conveniently, it’s just the right size for a pinball table. Now all Haruka needs is a skilled assistant to operate the table, bopping each shinobi girl with the ball until she comes around.