Simulation *Bow Hunter 2015* finally available on iOS — updated to 2.0 on Android

Hunting fans can now play Bow Hunter 2015 on iOS devices 🙂

Featuring a fully-realized 3D world, Bow Hunter 2015 includes more than 200 hunts in locations all over the United States. In the game, players can roam forests with realistic terrain, wear different types of camouflage, equip special arrows and optics, and wield the power of advanced bows.


We also have some good news for Android users: The Android version of Bow Hunter 2015 has now been updated to the same 2.0 feature set found in the current iOS build.

— Increased gold rewards
— More free arrows
— Improved stalking hunts
— Faster animal behavior

In Bow Hunter 2015, players compete for both in-game and real-life cash prizes against some of the top hunters in the world. The game incentivizes players to rely on smarts and advanced bows to hunt a variety of deer — for both venison and trophies.

Early on, players are equipped with modest upright bows — and as they gain experience, they can upgrade their gear. Players also have access to real-world accessories essential to bow hunting — including rangefinders (used to measure distance), optics, special arrows, and a variety of camouflage. Just like in real life, arrows are affected by the wind speed and will sink after a certain distance — so hunters need to be patient and line up the perfect shot!

Some missions require hunting a variety of white tail, mule and blacktail deer for venison — so any shot is fair game; other missions are for trophies — where players are forced to hit behind the head. If players are feeling confident, they can participate in competitions against other players for real cash prizes.

JW “Wild Bill” Stealey, CEO of iEntertainment Network:

“Bow Hunter 2015 for iOS includes everything we learned from the Android release. Arrows are cheaper and more plentiful, and both animal behavior and positioning have been greatly improved — resulting in more exciting hunts all around. If you ever wanted to stalk deer with 360 degrees of movement and realistic locations and ballistics, then Bow Hunter 2015 is for you.”

— Large, detailed 3D terrains that allow players to roam or stalk hunts from treestands
— Not an arcade game; it takes time to learn how to stalk and shoot
— Real-world ballistics, with realistic damage models for weapons and arrows
— Four U.S. hunting regions: Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest
— Real prize tournaments for top hunters

Bow Hunter 2015 is a free-to-play title for iOS and Android. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices (tablets and phones) with at least 1GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU.


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