SMITE developer launches first mobile game Jetpack Fighter on iOS (Video)

After years of developing games for the PC, Hi-Rez Studios has just launched its first-ever iOS mobile game, a high-speed action platformer called Jetpack Fighter. Like previous games from Hi-Rez studios-such as Tribes: Ascend, SMITE and Paladins-Jetpack Fighter combines free-to-play accessibility with deep and rewarding gameplay. The game is available today in all English-speaking territories as a free-to-download title on select iOS devices via the App Store; additional markets will follow in the coming months.

With its intuitive swipe-to-attack action controls, Jetpack Fighter allows players to collect new fighters and weapons, all while blazing a path of destruction through dozens of unique levels. Even after you’ve defeated the evil robots and killer bosses of a specific level, you can return to collect more loot, or compete against other players in time trials and endless mode.

To welcome Jetpack Fighter to the fold of other great Hi-Rez games, the Greek goddess Nemesis from SMITE has made her way into the game. Players can unlock Nemesis for free by linking their Jetpack Fighter account to a Hi-Rez account. In addition, when players unlock the character Leona in Jetpack Fighter, they will also receive a free code which can be redeemed in SMITE to unlock a Leona-themed skin for Nemesis.