Snowboarding The Fourth Phase Turns Highly Anticipated Film Into A Fast-Paced Mobile Game

Experience what it’s like to BE A PROFESSIONAL SNOWBOARDER with FREE-TO-PLAY game for ios and android

Snowboarding The Fourth Phase, the latest mobile game from Red Bull Media House, hits iOS and Android devices today. The free-to-play game places powder-covered mountains and progressive snowboarding into the hands of mobile gamers and snowboarders worldwide. Snowboarding The Fourth Phase is an interactive precursor to The Fourth Phase film , Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm’s highly anticipated follow up to The Art of FLIGHT, which premieres globally on October 2, 2016.

In Snowboarding The Fourth Phase, the player takes on the role of a former pro snowboarder who is rediscovered by The Fourth Phase film crew. The player is invited to ride along with the crew while earning a chance to film a new scene for The Fourth Phase – all he or she needs to do is impress the film’s producers with smooth riding and progressive tricks. The mobile gamer collects points to unlock new gear and locations by completing objectives that progressively increase in difficulty.


· Intuitive touch-screen controls: Ensure that the only thing between you and the snow is your ability to ride
· Three game modes: Compete for new gear and leaderboard status in Contest Mode, work your way through the ranks with Career Mode, or complete quick missions in the Quick Run Mode
· Global reach: Access the game worldwide with language localization in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese
· Beautiful backcountry terrain: Ride backcountry powder, chutes, pillow lines, steeps and spines in the legendary mountains of British Columbia, Wyoming and Alaska
· Gear up and build the perfect base camp: Gather equipment to film with the crew including snowmobiles, snowcats and helicopters; and customize your player with outerwear, accessories, snowboards and more
· Be part of The Fourth Phase film: Gear up, learn new tricks and equip the base camp to be prepared when it’s time to film with the crew


Intuitive technology allows players to capture and easily share screenshots from Snowboarding The Fourth Phase. A simple tap of a camera icon will freeze the action, allowing players to freely control the camera angle to capture all of their greatest moments, from jumps and grabs to epic drops.

Snowboarding The Fourth Phase brings the mountain to mobile devices through beautiful graphics and innovative touchscreen controls. Download the game on an iOS or Android device today and experience what it’s like to be a snowboarder filming with The Fourth Phase crew.