Sopio: The Points and Puns Card Game Comes to iOS

Lightwood Games is delighted to announce that Sopio, the points and puns card game, is now available as an app for iPhone and iPad. The app is available worldwide on the App Store today.

The release of the app has been scheduled to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the Sopio card game, which has now sold more then 20,000 decks of cards worldwide.

With 18 different computer opponents to beat, you can now play Sopio anywhere – even if you don’t have any friends!

The rules of Sopio are so simple that they fit onto a single playing card. It takes just seconds to learn the game.

However, you don’t need to understand the rules to appreciate the beautiful hand-drawn card art. Sopio’s exquisite stick-figure hilarity has never looked as gorgeous as it does now, in high definition Retina Display.

The app includes over 60 pun-tastic cards from Sopio Deck 1 and two special booster packs. The boosters can be added by unlocking achievements. The impatient can remove this requirement to play with an in app purchase.

Sopio Deck 2 is expected to be available on iOS later this year.

Sopio is the third officially licensed card game conversion by Lightwood Games. Stak Bots was released in 2013 and Hero Brigade Brawl in 2014. A scorer app for Sopio was released last year.

Lightwood’s catalogue also includes Foursies, a unique twist on the classic board game Connect 4, Word Search 10K, the largest word search puzzle ever made.

Sopio Card Game:

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