Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars out on iOS and Android

Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars has launched on the App Store and Google Play! The fast-paced tactical gameplay and exciting real-time battles in Soul of Heroes make it easy to collect and deploy epic heroes from all cultures and backgrounds. Forge a lean and mean fighting machine consisting of Tankers, Dealers, and Healers – and build the ultimate kingdom in this beautifully animated tactical RPG.

Published by Entermate and developed by PlayEarth, Soul of Heroes allows you to collect, customize, and equip your heroes with accessories to get your party ready for PvE combat – including a thrilling tactical mode. You can also gain access to the “Clan Battle System,” where server users from all over the world gather in one place to engage in fierce strategic war. All four clans compete in guild-based contests to identify the best clan – developing war skills through cooperation and effective clan strategy. You can join a Clan Battle once a day! In addition to combat, players can explore a massive war-torn world and uncover unique backstories behind all heroes.

“We love strategy games like Heroes Charge and Civilization,” says Yong-Rak Choi, marketing director at Entermate. “We felt that the Tactical RPG space – particularly on mobile – deserved a more strategy-focused approach, which is why we published Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars.”

“We’ve been counting down the days to launch,” adds Cha Ji-hoon, business director at Entermate. “We’re confident that strategy and RPG fans are going to have a great time playing our game – whether they’re relaxing at home or out and about.”

Key Features

  • Find and collect a variety of heroes: Create your own diverse party.
  • Help your heroes grow: Place heroes strategically during battle for speedy growth.
  • Battle your way: Participate in challenging events requiring varying combat styles.
  • Engage in combat worldwide: Battle together on the same server!
  • Explore the world: Discover the story behind our heroes and kingdom.
  • Fight in a thrilling tactical mode: Engage in real-time PvE combat.

Pricing & Availability
Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars is now available on iOS and Android. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases.