SPAIRS – iPad version, new sound theme, new features (Video)

Find sound pairs with friends and family and discover new instruments. Buy once and play on iPad and Apple TV.

Bremen, Germany – November 18th 2016 | SPAIRS is now available for iPad. With the iPad version also comes an update for the Apple TV version featuring a new sound theme and the organology.

Fun fact
For the new sound theme we got David Gutfleisch to play the percussion instruments. He is a member of the frantic percussion ensemble (, that performed on the soundtrack of The Reverend starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

About the game
SPAIRS is a game for the whole family. Play on your iPad or on the Apple TV using the Apple TV Remote to swipe easily through sound cards and play sounds with a simple tap! Listen carefully! The goal is to find as many sound pairs (SPAIRS) as possible.

Up to four players (even more if you play in teams) can go hunting for sound pairs, alternatively you can train your brain and ears alone in the Time Attack mode.

Sound themes
You can choose between different sound themes and play with animal, music, movie sounds and more. You can even create your individual mix by choosing more than one theme. Furthermore there will be updates to add more sounds in the future.

Key Features
·         5 difficulty settings: 12 up to 84 cards on the screen
·         Multiplayer mode – Up to 4 players (or even more if you play in teams)
·         Time Attack mode – Are you fast enough?!
·         Sound themes – Choose between different sound themes or mix them
·         Leaderboards for both Time Attack and Multiplayer mode
·         Organology – Learn how the different instruments look and sound!
·         Unlock 18 achievements
·         Different card styles and animations