Theme Park Studio releases on November 25th! (Video)

One of the very first VR-supporting retail games will release on November 25th 2016; simulation game Theme Park Studio, which will be available for PC-gamers around the world. Build and customise your own themeparks and share them with other players online!

Pantera Entertainment and SOEDESCO are now revealing the releasedate of Theme Park Studio, the game will be available in store from November 25th and will include VR-support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR and OSVR. Theme Park Studio is great for lovers of simulation games and everyone who wishes to have his or her own theme park!

Theme Park Studio gives you the complete freedom to create your own theme park and when you’re done building, you can explore your creation from a first person perspective! Not only does it feature a ton of options to customise every rollercoaster and all rides, but Theme Park Studio also supports multiple VR headsets, for the ultimate experience of your hand-made theme park and rides. Imagine riding an exciting rollercoaster, but in the comfort of your own chair. And after the building is done, you can upload your mods, rides or complete parks for others to use. That means everyone can explore other players’ parks as well!

Newly added features of Theme Park Studio:
Accurate Replicas
Physics Based Animations
Modern, nostalgic and interactive rides
Supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR and OSVR
Including the following new rides:
Zamperla Backflash
Vekoma Sky Flyer
Zamperla Turbo Force
Intamin Sky Whirl
Giant Sky Chaser
Steerable Bumper Cars
KMG Experience
Steerable Bumper Boats
Chance Wipeout
Classic Coney Island Ride
Hay Baler
Go Karts – Build and Ride