Spareware out on Steam 10th of October (Video)

Spareware is releasing officially on Steam on 10th of October.

About Spareware
Mow your way through waves of humans to save mankind from itself in Spareware a 4-player co-op shooter with roguelike elements.

Assemble your robot from spare parts and traverse through the cities of the future unlocking new equipment and abilities as you go.

Local campaign for 1 to 4 players
12 uniquely terrifying weapons for cutting through the deluded defenders of the cities.
Customizable robot built from 26 unique parts that directly affect player performance.
Four unique skill trees with 36 abilities.
Endless waves of versatile police forces opposing the robots
Local PvP game modes for up to 8 players
3 procedurally generated cities filled with deadly traps around every corner: Helsinki, London & Las Vegas

“Overall, Spareware is an enjoyable romp with tuned gunplay and a decent amount of customisation under the bonnet.”
7.6 / 10 – thisisXBOX

“Spareware is a traditional multiplayer game, in the sense that it’s actually more fun to play with friends in person than online.”
7 / 10 – Brash Games

“The more time I spent playing Spareware, the more I liked it. It took some time to accept that I would lose my skills if I got a game over and that I couldn’t just rush through each level.”
7 / 10 – ThisGenGaming