Speed Kills is available on the App Store

Holy Warp and Black Wing Foundation announce that their death racing game Speed Kills is available on the App Store.

The game is available on the iPads (starting from iPad 2) and the iPhones (starting from iPhone 4). Updates will follow.

The game is free-to-play, but currently the in-app purchases tend to serve as a time saver and not to wreck the game and the death racing experience. It is possible to beat the game with skills and grinding, but we hope that players will support the developers and allow them to produce more games (and skip the grinding phase and enhance their experience as a result).

About Speed Kills

Action-packed death racing, this is what Speed Kills is about!
Traditional, isometric, powered by Unreal Engine. Players compete in various championships, ranging from bootleg rallies on the outskirts of the galaxy to big-league circuits set against the goliath skylines of metropolis cityscapes. You can purchase offensive and defensive vehicle upgrades, buy new cars, collect power-ups and earn bonuses.

• Classic gameplay, inspired by the 16-bit legends
• 5 planets/championships to compete
• Over 50 unique tracks
• More than 100 races!
• 8 fully customizable and upgradable vehicles, ranging from beefed-up pickup trucks to futuristic hovercars

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