Spil Games launches its first football manager game — Top League Manager

Top League Manager game is Spil Games’:

• First football manager game
• First sports free2play game on native
• First fully cross-platform game (app stores; mobile, desktop and tablet web; Facebook)

Spil Games launches its first football manager game — Top League Manager — stamping its footprint in sports games on mobile for a male mid-core audience. The launch is timed to coincide with the excitement surrounding Euro 2016.

The game will be co-branded in Germany with the country’s top football magazine, kicker. This is part of Spil Games’ ongoing strategy to market beyond the app stores. kicker helps the game reach an audience of 9.2 million dedicated football fans across Europe.

“We really love how realistic and innovative the game is,” says Werner Wittmann, Head of Digital Media from kicker. “The artificial intelligence behind the game logic really convinces you that you’re managing a football team. We’re delighted to be partnering with Spil Games — we think our users will love this game.”

Although this is a first for Spil Games as a company, the team working on the game has more than 10-years’ experience in football manager games.

“A lot of these games are mostly about spending money to get the best players,” says Thomas Voss, Top League Manager’s lead producer at Spil Games. “We wanted to do something more interesting with Top League Manager. Our game is much more about strategy and team building and we think that creates a more satisfying playing experience.”

What makes Top League Manager stand out is that it allows you to play against others in simulated football leagues. But you can also challenge yourself against the game’s internal match algorithm. You can play the same game casually or become deeply involved as it suits you.

“It’s a highly advanced game,” says Tung Nguyen-Khac, Spil Games’ CEO. “The flexibility and realism in game play will be very attractive for both football fans and strategy players.”