Word Games Go ‘Deep’ with AlphaPit

After delivering a number of hits to the App Store with Word Forward, Crobble, and Starseed: Origin, indie game maker Shane McCafferty is returning to his first love: the written word. Or more accurately, helping you write your own words from an assortment of tiles.

Available starting today, AlphaPit is the sequel to Word Forward, the modern mobile classic that has racked up more than four million plays. But don’t let the word “sequel” trick you into thinking this is just more of the same. AlphaPit is an entirely different beast.

A word game with a unique challenge, letter tiles aren’t moved or scrambled to spell words in AlphaPit, but ascend and descend in alphabetical order. Each tile only moves so far through the alphabet, so players will have to keep their wits about them if they want to complete the 200 puzzles available at launch.

“AlphaPit is the first word game about depth and loneliness,” said creator Shane McCafferty. “Depth, because you’ll need to raise and lower your tiles to spell words; loneliness, because you’ll never win if you abandon a tile on the board to live a life of solitude. Don’t make the alphabet sad – friendship is the greatest word of all.”

AlphaPit features:
· WORDS: AlphaPit knows words. AlphaPit has the best words.
· BOMBS: If you can’t win by smarts, you’ll have to win by force.
· TIME TRAVEL: Not really. But there’s an undo button.
· LONELINESS: Letters need friends too. Don’t leave them alone.

If you’ve grown bored of Boggle, scrapped shamelessly with Scrabble players, and aged out of the Junior Jumble, AlphaPit is here to spell out a new word for you: C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E. AlphaPit is available now as a free download (with no in-app purchases) on the App Store