SPINTIRESTM – one of the most anticipated simulators of the year released

IMGN.PRO – an exclusive partner of Oovee Games Studio is pleased to announce that today, June 13th 2014, SPINTIRES™ – one of the most anticipated simulators of the year has its release!

SPINTIRES™ – an advanced simulator of Soviet off-road heavy cargo vehicles, stands out from the rest of its genre with stunning graphics, while maintaining very low hardware requirements. Among the most important game features are revolutionary physics of vehicles and the environment. Each rock and soil particle moves under the truck wheels, mud acts as in real life, deforming and sticking to the tires. Realistic water effects affect car handling during pond and river crossing. Entire flora, from the forest floor to the trees bends, breaks and interacts with the vehicle.
All these elements make each transport mission a real off-road challenge!

SPINTIRES™ offers five huge and diverse maps, which players can play alone or in multiplayer co-op mode up to 4 people, as well as, seven types of vehicles inspired by Soviet off-road classic. Game has already gathered a large fan community, actively participating in making game mods. More than 1.000.000 tech demo mods were already downloaded from the SPINTIRES™ forums, with official modding tools for the full game are coming soon.

SPINTIRES™ is now available worldwide via leading digital distribution platforms as well as in retail stores. Full, daily updated list available under the link below:


Batosz Moskała, Co-owner of IMGN.PRO: We’re very excited about the initial reception of SPINTIRES. We have recievied a lot of positive feedback from the people that already had an opportunity to check and play the preview version of the game.
I can also unveil a bit of mystery and say that SPINTIRES is currently in top 10 of some of the leading digital distribution platforms, and we’re talking only about the preorders. Today we must be ready for some serious off-road madness all around the world!

SPINTIRES™ developed by Oovee Game Studios, worldwide published by IMGN.PRO is an advanced off-road transport simulation. Players will have the opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel of different Soviet vehicles, completing missions focused around the delivery of a log cargo, to the point of their destination. The game will take place in a scenery of a typical Russian wilderness from late 80’s .
Special focus has been put on the recreation of realism of driving off-road truck in various conditions.

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