The Station – An orbital rabbit hole tale (Video)

“ You ’ re in space! But why? And how did you get there? ” – desperate monologue  
“The Station” is an interactive sci-fi novella set in turbulent times, which the protagonist has a hard time remembering. This is due to a strong blow to the head and events this press release is not allowed to disclose in order to prevent spoilers. Rest assured that what the protagonist awaits is nothing short of an exciting adventure full of vending machines, ventilator systems, tourist shops, holographic announcements and a multitude of zero gravity horrors.

– lasers
– brain damage
– lots of accidents
– vending machines
– zero gravity horror
– one rather short labyrinth
– visually compelling feature list
– linux puzzles, but not too hard ones
– a full menagerie of quirky & annoying maintenance machinery
Please also enjoy a full hour of magical space drone music with deep space bass. Available soon for separate download.