Stellar, a Roguelike Space Shooter with 3D and 2D Dogfighting, Coming in 2016

Gamers looking for a space shooter with the immersion of an explorable 3D roguelike universe and the furious fast-paced gameplay of an 80s arcade classic will find it next year on PC. Dog Eat Dog Games’ Stellar will seamlessly blend a procedurally generated cosmos with 3D and 2D action-packed dogfighting.

The universe of Stellar features numerous solar systems populated with procedurally generated asteroids, meteor showers and hundreds of planets. Each world is inhabited by its own alien race who have spent millennia developing their own powerful weapons and spacecraft.

Players assume the role of an alien tasked with expanding their race’s domain. The player’s species has two distinct advantages in their battles with other extraterrestrials. The ability to integrate the technologies of other aliens with their own and to simplify combat situations by shifting dimensions, taking gamers from a 3D to 2D perspective and locking nearby objects and enemies into the same 2D space as the player’s ship. When in 2D players have the option of choosing a top-down or side scrolling view.

Players can leverage different combat perspectives (dimensions) and weapon technologies to gain an advantage on each alien race. When players discover and exploit a race’s weakness, victory quickly follows. After defeating a planet’s boss, a weapon or piece of a spaceship is dropped and can be incorporated into the player’s ship.

“Like many of my generation I grew up playing 2D space shooters. I love the engaging 3D experiences modern space games provide, but miss the dynamic combat of the classics,” says Kurt Hollowell, CEO, Dog Eat Dog Games. “Stellar combines the best elements of modern and golden age space shooters.”


For more information on Stellar visit!stellar/c1waj

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