Stinky Snake for iOS and Android

If you’re looking for an exciting shoot-em-up game filled to the brim with guns and zombies to eliminate, this is not the game for you. Stinky Snake was the debut game from the mother-and-children team at DB Attic Studios and it was not made for those desiring a fast-paced action game.

Stinky Snake is meant to be played at a slower pace and can help you when you need something to calm down after a long, hard day of work and stress. Now, the game can also be given to your kids when you need something to keep them busy, such as on a long car ride. DB Attic Studios has released a version of the game for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

To purchase the game for your Android, visit the Google Play:

To purchase the game for your iPad, or iPhone, visit the Apple store on your device: