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The story trailer for Paws: A Shelter 2 Game (Video)

Might and Delight are delighted to unveil the story trailer for Paws: A Shelter 2 Game.

The standalone adventure platformer pits you in a world fraught with danger and a setting dripping in atmosphere.

“It’s little, but large
A game that puts you in charge
Of life from the cubs perspective.

It adds new spin
Which is nothing, but a win
A nod to the Shelter retrospective.

Oh! Did we also mention it’s got a bit of a poetry sing-song vibe to it? added Vic Bassey, the games writer and COO.

Paws is a story about friendship and the strength to overcome overwhelming odds and will feature a track sensing ability which is new to the Shelter world.

Paws is set for release on PC and MAC on March 24th 2016. The expanded edition of the game, dubbed the Pitter Patter Edition will come bundled with an original soundtrack, which has been once again created by the award winning Retro Family and will also include The Lonesome Fog – Our first major foray into the interactive books segment.