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Street Kart Racing out on iOS

Street Kart Racing is on the App Store. Available in all countries except Korea, Japan and China.  Race at 80mph, an inch from the ground, by the seat of your pants.
7 years to develop and with physics tested by hundreds of pro kart racers, Street Kart Racing is designed to be the most competitive, authentic racing experience on mobile.
No assists. No excuses. Close. Fast. Competitive. Similar equipment, similar engines. Upgrades provide set-up choice, not an overpowering way to win. Your strategic decision: set karts up for fast or tight tracks, hot or cold conditions, wet or dry weather?
Week-long championships with real-time multiplayer racing, asynchronous and synchronous play, with real-time weather from the actual track location. If it is raining at Adria, it is raining in the game. Do you wait for the rain to stop or set a time now in case the rain gets worse?
At the end of each championship week (from TKM (Tier 2) onwards) all championship points reset and everyone starts from scratch. Top 30% stand a chance of promotion, the bottom 10% in X30 are relegated back to TKM. There is always something to race for.
Start your career in 50mph Cadet karts at the real-world track in Wackersdorf, and graduate by winning championships through real-world classes. TKM, IAME X30, and Pro1 (OK engine).
Several real-world tracks including: Las Vegas (USA), Mariembourg (Belgium), Wackersdorf (Germany) and Adria Raceway (Italy).
A total of 15 tracks are available and more tracks will follow in updates.
Street Kart Racing is designed to have authentic physics. Tested for 2 years including world and national champions, karts feel like karts. Real wheel braking only, tapping the brakes brings the back round, momentum is the key to being fast.
Want to learn how to become a champion? With no assists you’ll need to get trained by the best – current World Kart Champions, Rosberg Racing Academy. 2016 F1 World Champion and Rosberg Racing Academy founder, Nico Rosberg, helps you develop as a driver, teaching you racing lines, and how to be fast in karts. Use the Academy to practice all the way through the game. Progress your career (and your finances) by completing missions and challenges set by Rosberg Racing Academy.
Pro Kart Racers such as Dexter Patterson (CIK-FIA World Kart Champions 2017 OKJ), Kai Askey, Marijn Kremers, Patricija Stalidzane and many others assist key decisions as you progress through the tiers.
Motorsport Commentator, Chris McCarthy (Eurosport, Gran Turismo GT Finals), also features as a character in the games does YouTuber, SuperGT.
Those that race professionally have Verified Account Status and you’ll see their times and have the chance to beat them as you move higher up in class. Helmets and Trophies come from grassroots racers who won competitions to have their helmets in the game as unlocks including Tom Joyner (World Champion), Alex Quinn, Toby Sowery, Kai Askey, Taylor Barnard, Remo Luciani and many others.
The support of major kart racing brands which are all included in the game.