Stunt Trucks Mania Brings Monster Jumps and High Stunts To iOS

Get ready for high stunts and cool jumps in time for the hottest season. Uply Media, Inc today announced Stunt Trucks Mania game app is now live on the App Store for iOS 6.0 or later. The popular stunt truck game app is even free to download and install for unlimited enjoyment.

Uply Media, Inc is the developer and publisher for Stunt Trucks Mania game app. According to Kyle Ransom their CEO this game app was purposely created with racial diversity characters to allow players and especially kids to identify themselves when operating character controls.

“We are very excited about how well Stunt Trucks Mania has entered the iOS marketplace. The diversity of the characters certainly opens doors for more game apps like this series which is suitable for kids and adults,” stated Kyle Ransom.

A fave on the App Store this wildly addictive game app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A cool powerful truck jump flipping adventure with fun stunt obstacles and mind blowing challenges. The characters are a group of diverse friends by the names of Carmen, Malik, Meg, Won, Jasmine, and John driving behind the wheels. Each character is guided by player control as they continue on flipping fanatic stunts.

Stunt Trucks Mania is already ranking on the top charts for Japan, United States, and United Kingdom also available in over 122 countries around the globe. Game Center play is enabled to allow social interaction among players anywhere in the world. Through Game Center player’s devices can connect to exchange information about Stunt Trucks Mania to report scores earned and high achievements.