Sumico launches on Nintendo 3DSTM

Engine Software announced today that SUMICO will be available on North American Nintendo 3DS™ eShop from tomorrow. The game is already available in Europe.

SUMICO’s gameplay is Match-3-for-smart-people. Find and line up the right numbers and operators to reach targets. Come up with complicated solutions to simple questions to earn more points and more stars. The game lets you ease in and makes you feel comfortable with its gameplay. And then slowly turns up the difficulty. In the Endless Mode and most of its 84 levels, you’ll have all the time of the world, which – combined with a soothing soundtrack – makes for a relaxed form of brain exercise.

SUMICO will be out in America & Canada tomorrow, January 28th, and will cost $ 2,99.

SUMICO is developed by Engine Software, Ludomotion & Matthijs Dierckx.

In SUMICO you make sums to score points. Find the right numbers and operators to make the target. The longer your sum, the more points you earn. But beware: use too many tiles and you won’t be able to make the next target.
SUMICO features two modes:

• Campaign Mode – 72 levels, from the easy introduction to brain bending challenges

• Endless Mode – Keep hitting the targets and improve your high score

SUMICO is the brainchild of a journalist and a developer. The journalist had interviewed the developer a couple of times before they entered a game jam together. They did not finish the game for that jam, but managed to create the first prototype of what was to become SUMICO.

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