SUMICO: Indie strategic number puzzler is making its way to Nintendo 3DS

Engine Software, veteran independent game developer, today announces that another top indie game is making its way to Nintendo 3DSTM. Following the pending releases of Mindfeud and Proun+, SUMICO will be the third indie game in quick succession to make its way to Nintendo’s handheld.

SUMICO is a strategic numbers-puzzle game where you solve math problems for points, the more complex the puzzle the more points you score. SUMICO was released for Android in September of this year and for iOS earlier this month. The game has received much praise for its original take on the genre and the strategic depth of the game play, being called “a breath of fresh air after digging through mountains of unoriginality” by TwinFinite.

Matthijs Dierckx, one of the original developers of SUMICO is happy to see his game make an appearance on 3DS: “ Seeing Sumico on 3DS is a thrill, it’s such a great fit. Somehow it all feels just a little more natural. I believe this is the best version of the game and am absolutely convinced Sumico will find a great and new audience on Nintendo’s beautiful handheld.”

Expect a release of Sumico for Nintendo 3DSTM in December!

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