Super Mecha Champions, New Character “Iori”, Spectator Mode & More

NetEase Games released a new character and features for Super Mecha Champions, the mobile Mecha battle royale title for iOS and Android. Pilots can now play as “Iori,” analyze matches through the spectator system, better navigate the leaderboards with an upgraded billboard system, interact with fellow Pilots with emojis and character actions, and dabble further in character customization with new styles.

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Details of the new character and features include:

  • Iori of the Simizu Family: Pilots can now play as Iori, the eldest daughter of a noble family who fights for freedom and glory. Along with Iori comes Skylark, her exclusive Mecha, that has the ability to soar high in the air with a powerful jump. Iori is voiced by Japan’s Ishikawa Yui, known for her voice acting roles in Attack on Titan, Gundam Build Fighters, NieR: Automata, and more.

  • Spectator System: Players can now spectate friends’ matches without participating in them by accessing the new spectating lobby.

  • Billboard System: The unique appearance of players’ pilots is now reflected in the Billboard System, meaning players can find themselves quickly on the leaderboard to see how well they performed against the competition.

  • Character Interactions: Pilots can better communicate with one another while on the battlefield by customizing their in-game interaction wheel with new emojis and character actions.

  • SS-Level Rewards: Pilots can unlock three new SS-level reward packages and the ultimate EX form package that will change the appearance and effects of their Mechas. The rewards packages are as follows: Lv. 1 Finish – Centurion Augusta; Lv. 2 Finish – Neptune; Lv. 3 Finish – Vesta; and EX form – Lightened weapon effect.

In Super Mecha Champions, Pilots must collect loot, equip a variety of weapons, and engage in intense robot battles with unique Mechas to claim the title of Super Mecha Champion. With classic battle royale and Team Deathmatch modes, Pilots across the globe can jump in solo or team up with friends to dominate the battlefield.

Super Mecha Champions is a top recommended game by the App Store and Google Play Store in over 100 countries, including the United States, Japan, Canada, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. Notably, the title ranked amongst the top free-to-play mobile games in Japan the week it became available for play. New and seasoned players alike enjoy Super Mecha Champions due to its ease of play, exciting battle mechanics, and anime-inspired graphics.