Boxelware releases new Avorion 0.8.5 Demo featuring Lasers, a faster Pace and the Super Action Mode (Video)

Boxelware releases the Demo Update 0.8.5 of its Space Sandbox Avorion, featuring Laser Turrets, a faster Pace and the Super Action Mode.

Faster Gameplay and the Super Action Mode

Two weeks into the Kickstarter for the space sandbox Avorion, Boxelware releases a new demo for the game. The demo improves the gameplay by speeding up ships, mining, increasing weapon damage and adding lasers as a third equippable weapon class. In order to demonstrate what Avorion is capable of, the new demo features a new game mode, the Super Action Mode. Players start with a fully equipped space ship with 4 laser turrets and tons of resources to repair or expand their ship. They must fight off never-ending waves of enemies, with only short breaks between the waves where repairs can be made.

About Avorion

Avorion takes the sandbox aspects from the X games and Freelancer, throws in co-op multiplayer and lets you build your own ships. It features ships made of freely scalable blocks that can be procedurally generated and that break into pieces where they’re hit during space fights. Avorion focuses on combat and actually flying your ship, with easy, less micro-intensive building, so you’re not forced to spend hours just to get that pile of blocks flying.

•Non-voxel block ships that break into pieces
•Procedural generation for infinite numbers of ships and stations
•Hundreds of factions that have their own characteristics and ship styles
•Easy and comfortable building
•Co-Op or PvP Multiplayer for up to 10 players
•Trading system with over 100 different goods
•Lots of different weapons with unique stats
•Various system upgrades to specialize ships
•Day 1 Mod support with lua