Apestorm: Full Bananas arrives on mobile (Video)

Channel 4’s games division; All 4 Games and developer Snowhound announced today that the steampunk-inspired mobile title; Apestorm: Full Bananas has landed on the App Store and the Google Play store, marking the beginning of the Banana Rebellion.

In an effort to recruit some much needed support for the war effort, the game is currently on sale at a special, limited time offer of £0.79/$0.99/€0.99.

War was declared earlier today by three fugitive apes known only by their aliases: Muggs, Thaddius and Horatio. The trio were last seen commandeering a zeppelin bomber, which authorities believe they plan to use in order to [in their own words] “save nature from man…one bomb at a time”. The fugitives have since launched an attack, targeting and destroying factories, slaughter houses and other man-made objects which contribute to the destruction of the natural world.

Moments ago, the apes released a statement, refusing to stop their assault until their demands have been met:

“For too long humanity has chosen to ignore and abuse Mother Earth, for its own selfish gains. Today, we fight back to save nature and bananas from man…one bomb at a time.

Meet the following demands or our bombing rampage will continue!

– All animals in captivity must be freed
– All Banana trees will be protected by law, from this day forth
– Bananacide will be made illegal
– All spider-choppers and landsharks will be de-commissioned and destroyed
– All slaughter houses will be shut down and cease to operate, effective immediately

Only when we are satisfied that all of these demands have been met, will there be peace”

The fugitives will continue on their quest until they have achieved each of their objectives. Help bring this war to an end by contributing to the war effort on your mobile now.