‘Survive Mr. Cube’ Now Available On iOS & Android (Video)

Survive Mr. Cube by mobile game specialist Triniti Stars is a fun and exciting arcade adventure on iOS® & Android™, in which you are challenged to escape an unknown and strange place full of danger, mystery and monstrosities.

You play the role of soon-to-be-married Mr. Kobe, who was foolish enough to eat a pill of unknown origin provided by an otherwise kind and gentle old man. Unfortunately, by eating the pill, Mr. Kobe lost consciousness and has awoken in a strange and unrecognizable place. It is your task to help him write his journal and escape by unlocking a series of portals preventing your progress. By collecting shiny cubes and by shooting packs of monsters trying to kill you, escape becomes possible. The more cubes you collect and the more portals you unlock, the closer you get to escape. Destroy surrounding monsters to unlock levels and talk to Scarecrow to get stronger. The game comes with a ton of upgrades, and even a costume shop, allowing you to tailor your character with fun outfits. Achievements and upgradable weapons are critical to success and come to good use as you prepare for epic boss fights!

Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, Survive Mr. Cube is an exciting adventure game with plenty of action and arcade elements. Download today!