Sybil: Castle of Death Now Available on Google Play Store!

Sybil: Castle of Death,a strategy game with a black comedy and horror theme has been released on Google Play Store!

To celebrate the launch of Sybil: Castle of Death,Jombihead Studio is offering a 33% limited time discount! This offer will cut the price of the game to $1.99 from the normal price of $2.99!
Offer is valid from July 18-July 25!

Sybil: Castle of Death is a black comedy and horror themed game,with a twisted defense gameplay that is different than the usual defense game.
Your goal in the game is to protect the resurrection ritual taking place inside Sybil’s castle.Human will come to the castle each with their own
reason,and it is your job to kill them all using traps,monsters,and magics.You cannot let any human enter the ritual room!

In Sybil:Castle of Death,each enemy wave will have its own scenario.This will give a new story and different kind of gameplay each time a new wave
arrived on the castle,thus giving a dynamic sense and a non monotonous feels for the game.
Each enemy will also have his/her own personality and different reaction to what you do to them.

Full Game Link:
Demo Link:

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