Tactics: Conqueror’s War Launches on iOS

Launched February on Android and with a major update at the end of July this year, Tactics: Conqueror’s War starts wreaking havoc with iOS players joining in on this massive hybrid card strategy game.

About Tactics: Conqueror’s War
Tactics: Conqueror’s War is a free-to-play capture the flag game using battle decks loaded with unique powerful cards as ammunition. Thrown into the vastness of the Folkvangr fields, your first task is to fortify your own Castle by building facilities to produce precious resources, erect and upgrade structures to boost militia power. Next is creating an army of mighty heroes and magical creature cards to send off to expeditions outside the safety of your castle walls. Expand your reach across all four corners of this holy land, facing rabid resistance from NPC Forts and hostile player Castles you’re compelled to conquer to impress the goddess Freyja who will honor your victory with a feast at the halls of Sessrùmnir.
The game features a comprehensive guild system, single player and cooperative battles, real-time game progression, expansive deck building using cards acquired via Lotto systems or direct purchases designed by renowned Japanese artists and an Item Mall where Charge Points (CP) can be acquired using real currency.

A Brave New World – The launch of Tactics: Conqueror’s War on iOS gives birth to World 4; fresh blood, fresh start.

Guild Goals – Join or create your own Guild. Expand your territorial reach and spread your influence like wildfire. Let your foes tremble at their feet when they face you and your allies in the Coliseum for some grueling Guild versus Guild action.

Weekly In-game Events – Log-in daily and finish the Weekly Task to earn fantastic rewards.
Game and Card Updates – New powerful cards are introduced regularly and Box Lotto, buffed-up card packs, are released for players to easily hunt the rarest units.