Tactics: Conqueror’s War Coming to Android

Aiming Global Service Inc. published Tactics: Conqueror’s War for the Android platform on February 5, 2015. Building on the game system introduced in Kingdom Corps, Tactics: Conqueror’s War contains improvements to the game’s core allowing for future upgrades and features as well as compatibility with recent Android versions.

About Tactics: Conqueror’s War

Tactics: Conqueror’s War is a free-to-play strategic card-based capture the flag game that pits players against others in a bid to take control of Castles and Forts scattered across a map. Players build battle decks using character cards that players can develop via fusion and dungeon exploration. To support these decks players need to build their towns and construct resource producing structures. In addition, players can create alliances by joining guilds and cooperating with or competing against each other to claim ownership of the Forts and Castles.

The game features a comprehensive guild system, single player and cooperative battles, real-time game progression, expansive deck building using cards acquired via Lotto systems or direct purchases designed by renowned Japanese artists and an Item Mall where Charge Points (CP) can be acquired using real currency.


Guild Recruitment – form guilds and earn rewards depending on the size of your guild.

Friend Invite Campaign – Invite players to pay Tactics: Conqueror’s War using your own Friend Invite code and earn rewards.

Pioneer’s Lotto Pack Sale – Special Lotto Sale containing cards that will help give you a leg up on the competition.

Pioneer’s CP Bonus Sales – CP is the in-game currency in Tactics: Conqueror’s War. Get more CP per purchase for a limited time only.

Valentine’s Day Limited Dungeon – One of the great ways to increase your card’s stats easily, enter the Limited Dungeon and get rewards for your trouble.

“Tactics: Conqueror’s War”
Platform: Android
Genre: Card Strategy Game
Developer: Aiming Inc.
Publisher: Aiming Global Service, Inc.
Operation: Aiming Global Service, Inc.
Official Site: Tactics.ConquerorsWar.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacticsconquerorswar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ConquerorsWar

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