Tapinator’s Combo Quest 2 arrives on iOS Thurs, June 30th (Video)

Time for some stretching exercises — whatever it takes to get your fingers ready for even more heroes, new items, more combos, and the intense gameplay the Combo Quest franchise is known for:

Developed by Tapinator in partnership with Boarding Party Games, the original Combo Quest was a hit — with more than 1 million players and an average 4.5-star review score on the App Store. The game was featured by Apple no less than *five times*: “Best New Game,” “Free App of the Week,” “Games We’re Playing Today,” and twice for “Best New Game Update.”

Combo Quest 2 picks up where its predecessor left off: The mighty Knight has returned to his kingdom after recapturing the King’s crown from the devious dragon. Unfortunately, the Kingdom is in shambles — and the Knight must gather magical heroes, befriend loyal companions, and collect powerful items in a quest to vanquish evil from the realm.

In Combo Quest 2, players must face hordes of enemies and bosses across 90 challenging levels using the game’s signature time-tap combat system. Battles are fought by tapping the device at the exact moment a slider passes over different colored blocks. The bigger the combo, the faster the slider moves — increasing the chances of failure. If players manage to execute a big enough combo, they will unleash an ultimate move that deals MASSIVE damage. (Think special attacks in the beat ‘em up classic Golden Axe.)

Each colored block triggers different actions during battle. Yellow blocks attack, green blocks represent enemy super attacks, red blocks shield players from damage, and purple blocks trigger an opponent’s special attacks. Some blocks have special properties (such as shields that require multiple taps to break) or bombs that will destroy all the blocks around them. Players will need to stay on their toes to avoid a fiery defeat 🙂

There are 20 different heroes to choose from — with unique abilities such as expanding the size of enemy blocks (making them easier to tap) and increasing the chance of getting a critical hit. Players will also need to think quickly to make sure they’re going for the most potent combos. Once a battle is won, it’s time to upgrade each character’s stats!

* Take the fight to the enemy with Combo Quest 2’s unique time-tap RPG combat mechanics.
* Choose from 20 different heroes with individual abilities and stats — including magical golems, speedy ninjas, and sharp-shooting gunslingers.
* Equip items to further customize your team of heroes, and get that competitive edge.
* Enjoy the company of 20 different companions — such as robots, dragons, lions, and even a chef (!)
* Upgrade your heroes, companions, and items to increase their effectiveness in battle.
* Taste victory (or suffer defeat) in style — thanks to improved combat animations.
* Make your way through 90 challenging levels, including epic boss fights!

Combo Quest 2 will launch on iOS this Thursday, June 30th. The game will be free to download and play, and it will include in-app purchases.