“The Living Dungeon”, a tabletop fantasy adventure, coming to Xbox 29th Jan

Radiation Burn, a two person indie studio with some very helpful friends, now has a release date for their chaotic, tabletop inspired, dungeon adventure game. The Living Dungeon will be hitting Xbox One digital shelves on the 29th of this month at a little under $15 dollars. ($9.99)

About The Living Dungeon

The Living Dungeon brings a thoroughly unique tabletop-like game experience to your Console. Play solo through the increasingly impossible story mode, or just accept death and get your friends together in one room for a chaotic and fun multiplayer session. Mix tactics, luck and cunning to out-manoeuvre your enemies, or manipulate them to do the dirty work for you. It’s a very satisfying feeling when you manage to cause someone’s death and they had no idea it was coming.
Randomly generated dungeons, 4 multiplayer game types, team play, biased dungeon master options, drop out and drop back in multiplayer, 24 story levels, and hours of boardgaming fun with none of the clean up afterwards (assuming you manage to stay friends).
The Living Dungeon was designed from the bottomless pit up by Radiation Burn, and played as a physical board game for two years with loads of people before someone pointed out that obviously they needed to make it into a video game. That has finally happened, and the game you never realized would be causing you so much suffering… and joy, is coming to your Xbox.