Timecrest 2 Launches Accessibility Update For Blind Users

Timecrest 2: The Door, sequel to the acclaimed Timecrest included in Apple’s Apple Watch Best of 2015, launches an update that dramatically improves accessibility for blind and low-vision users on their iPhone or iPad using Apple’s VoiceOver technology.

“When we found that Timecrest became extremely popular with blind and low-vision users, we were humbled and became determined to greatly improve the user experience for them.” said Justin Ng, Sneaky Crab CEO. “We spent months playing Timecrest with the screen off and redesigned many aspects of the game and added new features specifically for these users.”

Timecrest is a work of interactive fiction at a massive scale of over 200,000 words, building an epic fantasy world with dozens of locations to explore and many characters to befriend. Players will help save the world of Alyncia by making choices that impact the development of the story, and building a team to fight powerful mages.

Timecrest’s New VoiceOver Accessibility Features Include:
• Pronunciation mode, where the spelling of text is changed to improve VoiceOver’s pronunciation. You can disable it if you are using a Braille display.
• Descriptive map & characters, now all maps and images contain detailed accessibility descriptions.
• Text indicators, where all UI relying on visual indicators, such as red text or green buttons, now have better accessibility text indicating their state.
• VoiceOver specific sounds, indicating where the VoiceOver cursor is in the message list and if more messages are incoming or if it is awaiting the next choice.
• Descriptive help, where on each of the game tabs we have added a link to help text describing how each feature works from the perspective of a VoiceOver user.
• Revamped UI, specifically designed to improve navigation for blind users.

Timecrest 2: The Door is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.