Today, Your Journey To Rock-N-Roll Stardom Begins As ‘Jerry McPartlin’ Launches On SteamTM

UIG Entertainment is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of Jerry McPartlin, an exciting point-and-click adventure tribute to the glorious 1950s now available on PC via Steam™. With its unexpected twists and turns, a version will follow for mobile in October and major gaming consoles in November.

YouTube™ Trailer:

You are Jerry McPartlin, an unsuccessful wannabe rock star living his plain old ordinary life in Barnett Springs. Your folks went missing years ago, and nothing has gone as planned. Your rock star rival Jimmy Lash is ripping the charts, and you have a crush on Luna-Lee, the local diner chick who barely recognize your existence. Things go from bad to worse when a cryptic letter and an apocalyptic vision challenges Jerry to return to town in a pursuit of love, fame and the answers to a string of mysterious murders in Barnett Springs, a town you once believed was quiet and peaceful …

Jerry McPartlin features a great 1950s storyline full of charm, humor and unexpected turn of events. With its retro look-and-feel, great graphics, intuitive controls, intriguing plot and phenomenal music, help Jerry to fortune and fame by downloading today:

Jerry McPartlin on Steam™:

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