Tower Blockade, Studio’s third mobile game (Video)

SoulGame Information Co. Ltd. revs up production, releasing its third mobile game in under two months.

As SoulGame expands ties and the number of personnel both in the U.S. and abroad, their production team continues releasing a steady stream of quality mobile games. The latest game, Tower Blockade, was released today, and is found in the iTunes store and Google Play. This release comes on the heels of Zap Zombies (September 1) and Caroline’s Camera – Rhythm Game (August 18).  Zap Zombies was featured by the App Store in their weekly “New Games We Love” section the week it was released, and the company expects similar success for their newest mobile game.

About Tower Blockade
Tower Blockade is a tower defense game that involves strategy, quick thinking, and fast moves on the player’s part. Players choose the placement and type of towers, all the while trying to block the enemy’s ever-changing path to the player’s base. How tower levels are built and the number of towers available add a new dimension to the game. This game challenges players in a way that becomes quite addictive!