Tremendously fast-paced Endless-Runner ‘Ms. Kong’ unleashes today – device-specific Trailers now available

Ms. Kong unleashes today – imagine a 500 pound gorilla lady chasing bananas that were stolen from her baby! The fast-paced endless-runner was developed by Level Bit and is ready to crush it’s way through the jungle starting today (Nov 20th 2014). You will find Ms. Kong on several devices as iOS, Android and even Kindle Fire for the price of a few bananas!

Watch Ms. Kong’s individual Release Trailers:

iOS :
Overall :

Game Features:
– Play as Ms. Kong for the first time!
– Lush 3D jungle environments
– First 3D swing mechanic!
– Collect fruits in correct order to receive bonus
– Addictive gameplay
– Top player rankings!
– Upgradable power ups
– Unlock Jungle Man outfit
– Swing endlessly!
– Available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire

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