Tricone Lab on Windows and Mac

Glasgow-based independent developer, Partickhill Games Limited, has announced the release of the full version of its cellular puzzle game Tricone Lab on July 27, 2017.

A game of bio-logical puzzles, Tricone Lab takes place within the cells of a microscopic organism. To complete each level, players must use lateral thinking, careful strategy and the right sequence of moves to combine catalyst and resource nodes, break down cell walls and fuse three multi-colored elements to form a Tricone.

The game features 100 carefully-crafted standard levels, starting with basic tutorials and progressing to complex puzzles that push lateral thinking to the limit. The game also features a fully-formed graphical level editor that has been showcased in Early Access, with an established community of players and editors. The editor works intuitively to allow creators to make and test their levels before submitting them to the community.

Partickhill Games Limited has taken full advantage of the game’s extended Early Access period, implementing player feedback and shaping the experience around the community.

Founder of Partickhill Games Limited and developer of Tricone Lab, Josh Singer, said: “I’m so thankful to everyone who took the time to provide thoughtful and constructive reviews during the Early Access period; the level of engagement from the player community has been astonishing. As a result of this feedback I’ve been able to implement an improved difficulty curve, a greater number of Steam achievements and improved level editing and sharing capabilities.”

Tricone Lab will be available for PC and Mac