UnderEarth Releases June23 on Steam (Video)

Completing final polish, UnderEarth was demoed live on the June10th weekly broadcast of Indie Game Riot. This is the last near-final build showcase before UnderEarth releases June 23rd.

During the broadcast CrackerJack Games attendees Joseph Wilhems, Kerrigan Guthrie and Maris De Mott received multiple accolades including:

Reverendds – “. . . one of the things I do appreciate is that it [the game] doesn’t hold your hand . . . an interesting juxtaposition.”

JaShinYa – “Really interesting how you made it so dark and oppressive, yet at the same time colorful and grand on scale . . .”

UnderEarth will release for $14.99 discounted by 25% from its non-sale price in keeping with the spirit of Steam’s Summer Sale.

About UnderEarth
40 miles under the Earth’s surface, a hazardous research and refinery facility has faulted. Attempts to raise communication with the installment have failed. The status of all fifteen workers stationed within the facility is unknown. Valvorta Industries, the controversial energy corporation responsible for the site, must maintain discretion. In response, Valvorta’s BoD has elected to dispatch an engineering specialist to assess the situation. The mission is simple: recover information, restore output from the facility and rescue the workers trapped under earth.

Traversal through the facility will not be easy. The malfunctioning systems have made the descent near impossible. The high temperatures and the lack of breathable oxygen require the use of a specialized suit. You’ll need a sharp eye to find any tools, lifts, documentation, and devices scattered across the facility, and a bright mind to put them to use. Extra attention must be paid to maintaining your suit’s battery and air levels if you wish to survive. To make your mission easier, your suit provides a gauge on your current status, a log of any documents you find scattered about, magnetic boot attachments function for situational vertical and upside-down movement, and an instant connection to all terminals requiring rudimentary programming skills.

Find whatever information you can and piece together the events leading to the loss in communications. After that, it will be up to you to decide what needs to be done.