Magic Master arrives with fascinating power combinations in New Zealand App Store and Google Play (Video)

Magic Master arrives with fascinating power combinations today, June 16th, in New Zealand

Use a combination of astonishing Magical Powers to defend Ukala Fort in Magic Master, the new tower defense game from the brazilian developers of Mopix Games. Scheduled to be released in New Zealand on June 16th, Magic Master is a tower defense game where the players have the power to defeat an entire army of enemies with potent spells unleashed by simple touch screen gestures.
“Magic Master is all about combos and fast paced strategy. In our game, the enemy is Thuruk Godum, a ravenous orc sorcerer commanding an army of humanoids called ‘The Blood Horde’. To wipe his enemies, the player have an arsenal of powers like a tidal wave or a lightning bolt – and for example, both could be combined for a stronger effect”, explains Ale Russo, lead game designer of Magic Master.

The game is launching with a few campaign chapters and a competitive endless mode – in this one, the mission is to survive as long as possible and surpass your friends’ score at facebook’s leatherboard. Magic Master is free-to-play and going to be launched for Android and iOS.

“We’re planning to launch new chapters soon and keep players engaged with constant challenges. This is a game created by fantasy fans for fantasy fans: we developed a world where the Blood Horde is winning a war against the Magic Masters – and is the player duty to change this situation”, details Raoni Dorim, CEO and Art Director at Mopix.

After its early release in New Zealand, Magic Master is preparing to be launched in USA, Canada and Europe latter this year, on September 7th.