Unique brawler Draw Slasher finally hits PC (Video)

Indie developer Mass Creation is pleased to announce Draw Slasher is finally available on Steam for Windows, Mac, SteamOS and Linux platforms.

Draw Slasher is the unique dynamic and demanding action packed beat’em up. You need just a mouse to play. LMB + draw a line to jump, dash, dodge, and slash. RMB to summon powerful Ninjutsu Techniques – super-efficient against the ‘rottents’.

Visit multiple colorful ‘cartoonish’ locations, meet dozens of kinds of the opponents. Fight your way through the demanding minigames and challenge tenacious bosses. Discover who stands behind the abduction and slice your way to free your family.

Meet Hanzo. He’s a ninja. While he was training ‘out there’ the Pirate Monkey Zombies™ – stupid, ugly, smelly, rotten and disgusting creatures – kidnapped his family. Take control of his awesome blade and aid him in the quest to free them.

•        Truly unique controls – gameplay is purely about drawing
•        Vivid cartoon and hand drawn visuals, including multiple grotesque creatures
•        Story Mode with animated cut scenes, Quick Time Events and a really cool voiceover
•        Additional demanding  game modes: Endless Arcade (Survival and Gatekeeper) and Challenges
•        Various opponents and challenging bosses
•        … and dozens of subtle game and pop culture tributes

Cut, slice, snip, sever, chop, shear and trim hordes of Pirate Monkey Zombies™.