Unleash Your Inner Villain in Yrminsul

Studio Black Flag today announced Yrminsul, a fast-paced tower defense-style strategy game set in a persistent, fully 3D universe. In Yrminsul, the path to infamy is clear: annihilate the pathetic (and unfashionable) forces of good as they attempt to breach your formidable defenses. Yrminsul is the mutant evolution of tower defense games, offering a rich strategy experience and a wonderfully twisted sense of humor. Filled with detailed enemies and a colorful cast of characters, the game offers an addictive new direction to the frantic tower defense genre. The only thing better than being famous is being infamous!

Yrminsul is a strategy game in which the battles are in the form of a tower defense. In a huge campaign spanning 31 unique levels, players encounter over 30 enemies (fools who think they can destroy you), three types of armies (Goblins, Monsters and Elves), 15 upgradable turrets (everyone needs a lair!) and 16 spells (shazam!). In Yrminsul, your opponents try to reclaim the islands you rightfully stole from them-rude! You will have to defend your territory from your enemies’ sneaky attacks while invading their Islands in order to expand your glorious empire. You can go back and forth between the islands because the universe is persistent: when you build a turret, it will stay on its island unless the enemies gain control of the island. Each level has its own features and secrets to discover, and the story of Yrminsul is unveiled in more than 10 interactive comics. Perfect for elves since they have more pictures than words.

In Yrminsul, you have to manage one main resource: infamy. The infamy is your potential evilness and allows you to build defenses and research new towers and spells. Manage it carefully in order to unlock new powers and face the strongest enemies-as if mere mortals could ever destroy you. But in doing so, would you have sufficient resources to defend your territory? Will you bring forth a powerful new reality where darkness reigns, or will you succumb to the traps that the good guys think you’ll fall for? (Fools.)

Yrminsul is expected to be released next month for PC and Mac, and a Linux version is being tested.

For more information, visit http://studioblackflag.com/en/yrminsul

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