Villagers, the Medieval Town-Building PC Game

Avanquest Software Publishing, one of the UK’s leading games publishers is delighted to announce that Villagers, the medieval town-building simulator on PC is available to buy today. The game is available globally for download on STEAM™ and physically from In partnership with GameSessions, Avanquest will also release Villagers on the Windows 10 store.

Created by German developer bumblebee, Villagers is a beautifully rendered mixture of a town-building and people simulation game set in a medieval, European environment. The objective of the game is to build and nurture a thriving community using the people and resources available to you. The townspeople have both physical and emotional needs which must be met in order for them to survive and prosper. Success or failure depends on the careful management of resources and the player’s ability to keep his/her villagers happy.

The game features 2 modes of play; Freeplay and Story Mode. Story Mode guides players through the construction of their first village and explains the difficulties for people living in medieval times. Travelling through different areas they’ll establish settlements on muddy swampland, deserted mountainsides and also try to rebuild a mysterious ghost town.

Starting the game on virgin lands full of wildlife, players must decide on a location for the Town Hall which forms the hub of the village. The townspeople need food and water to survive so players must designate people to be hunters, farmers, fisherman and herders to provide for the population.

Players also need to collect natural resources to build and develop their town. Trees can be chopped down to produce wood for building houses, whereas other buildings require iron dug from mines and stone collected from loose rocks or stone pits. Players can also build a warehouse and wait for travelling traders to obtain other resources and materials required for village expansion.

During the game, players need to manage the feelings of their villagers. People need homes to live in, partners to have relationships with, and ultimately produce children who are delivered by a stork! As these offspring grow up, they themselves become workers and help to support the growing town.

Players will also have to deal with travelling artists infected by the plague, fierce bandits and wild animals that attack their townsfolk as they live through the sometimes harsh experiences of medieval village life.

Free Play mode gives you access to all of the 25 buildings in the game and a selection of 10 different maps to explore for hours of unlimited fun.


· 5-6 hours of campaign gameplay
· Unlimited fun in Freeplay Mode with over 6 maps to explore
· Gripping storyline and game introduction
· 27 beautifully designed buildings
· 16 illustrated and colourful characters
· 16 professions with individual clothing sets
· Mange your villagers throughout the changing seasons
· Sophisticated AI; relationships, happiness, families, duties etc.
· Challenging missions; trading with merchants, managing livestock, controlling water sources, producing and selling grain supplies etc.

Villagers is rated ‘12’ by PEGI and is available to download from Steam™ and from the Windows 10 store. The physical version is available to buy from