VIREXIAN – an intense and dynamical twin stick shooter game (Video)

First Mutant launches debut game VIREXIAN – an intense and dynamical twin stick shooter for iOS and Android devices. An action game that blends the tried and tested arena shooter formula with elements of hack-and-slash classics and modern action roguelikes, combined into an accessible and pocket sized format.

“There is a lot of unused potential for the twin stick control scheme in mobile games. It offers precise controls even with the known limitations of a touch screen. With that in mind I set out to make a game that would capture what was so enjoyable about classics like Gauntlet and Alien Breed – games that are a blast to play even to this day despite their simplicity – but with pace and intensity turned up to 11 ,”
– says Felix Hard, the 22-year old indie developer and creator of VIREXIAN.

VIREXIAN evokes strong memories of old school arcade gaming, while fully exploiting the possibilities of modern devices. The game features massive hordes of enemies, procedural level generation, tons of weapons, retro-inspired graphics, and simple adaptive controls giving great fluency to the gameplay.

Felix Hard continues:
“Aesthetically, Virexian is a modern take on classic pixel and vector art styles alike, using distinct shapes and bright colors to make the battlefield easy to read. Graphics and coding is done by me, and the music is the work of Italian musician Starving GOGO. His intense chiptune tracks, normally heard on nightclub dance floors, really did wonders for the overall feel.”

You assume control of a robot, and your objective is simple: get as far as possible in an infinite, neon lit dungeon that keeps deconstructing and rebuilding itself. Along the way, you will encounter a large variety of enemies, ranging from agile hover-tanks and close combat grunts, to auto turrets, artillery pieces and deadly hunter bots. Much like the area layout itself, enemy composition is also unique, forcing you to constantly adapt your playstyle to the situation at hand. At your disposal is an armory of over 50 specialized weapons, including railguns, rocket launchers, laser cannons and many more, dropped by enemies at random when killed. Coupled with the large variety of frames and movement modules, no two rounds are the same.

VIREXIAN is available on Google Play and the App Store and offers a challenging free trial that’s sure to get you hooked, completely without ads. Upgrade to the full version via a single $2 in app purchase for infinite levels, Arena mode, and Brutal difficulty game modes for those who really want to test their skills.