Virtual Reality title GoWings Safari (Video)

Blue Goji has released another Virtual Reality title “GoWings Safari” on SteamVR, compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, and on the GearVR Store. The game will be available in the Oculus Store shortly.
Flying with a unique WingPack, you will experience the ultimate safari adventure through the African Savanna.  Look out for the rare rhinos or the elusive cheetahs, and capture these precious moments with your camera!  Enjoying the African wildlife is only part of your adventure; you need to protect the animals by capturing illegal poachers!  Earn high scores by taking beautiful photos and capturing poachers, then purchase upgrades that will help you preserve and protect the land.

Game Features:
            •           Photo Review
To gain the highest score, have your photos reviewed by a safari specialist. Better photos will give you more points. Save all of your favorite moments in your very own photo album.
            •           Capturing Poachers
Illegal poachers are on the hunt, scouring the African Savanna and harming its precious wildlife.  By using your specialized net gun, you can capture them to ensure they never harm the Savanna again.
            •           Equipment Upgrades
With a higher score, you can upgrade equipment, obtaining improved cameras, net guns, and even a jetpack to soar across the sky. Earning Achievements while exploring the safari can also unlock upgrades for your equipment.
            •           360° VR Views
Enjoy the possibilities that only virtual reality can offer: take in the views all around you while soaring over or driving through the vast terrain of grasslands and baobab trees. 
GoWings Safari is currently available on SteamVR and the GearVR Store. The game requires at minimum: Dual Core 2.2ghz processor, NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics, and 300 MB of available space.