Vive le Roi Available on the Windows

The stylish puzzle game Vive le Roi has arrived on the Windows! Set during the French Revolution and published by M4, the game’s thrilling stealth gameplay and cunning puzzle solving are sure to make Windows users lose their heads.

Vive le Roi transports players to the French Revolution in 1793. King Louis XVI is headed to the guillotine – and it’s up to you (and you alone!) to stop events from getting out of hand. To accomplish your goal, you’ll need to master complex puzzles, beat 30 different levels, employ stealth to maintain anonymity, and use objects in the environment to find a way past the guards…

Key Features

  • Historical setting: Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution for a unique puzzle-solving experience.
  • Move or die: Stealthily trick guards, move objects, and more.
  • Strategic challenge: Solve each puzzle with the least possible moves.
  • Beautiful artwork and soundtrack: Hand-painted aesthetics coupled with a dramatic score.
  • Hours of fun: 30 levels filled with puzzles to solve.

Pricing & Availability
Vive le Roi is now available on the Windows for only $3.99. The game is also on Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux). On iOS and Android, the game retails for $2.99.