Void Tyrant, iOS card RPG

Publisher Armor Games Studios announced the release of Void Tyrant, a free-to-play iOS card RPG by Quite Fresh Games. While the game is completely free-to-play with ads and reward videos, players may also choose to pay a one-time in-app purchase to play without any ads whatsoever.

Void Tyrant blends fantasy and science-fiction with roguelike elements, as players create a hero who must travel across the galaxy to destroy a powerful evil. Combat is turn-based with hit-or-stand mechanics, as players and enemies take turns drawing and playing cards from their growing deck to attack, use items, or defend. If your hero dies, you’ll need to start over with a new one, but will gain access to permanent upgrades for your home base.

Void Tyrant features over 450 cards, randomized planet layouts, strategic combat, and beautiful, vibrant visuals. The game is the creation of one-man London-based development studio Quite Fresh Games, Stefan Åhlin. Over twelve years he has worked for studios such as Nitrome and King, and is now making games on his own.